We will computer design with advanced software a tooth cutting pattern, commensurate with your machines horse power that will exceed your expectations. We have the design technology and decades of professional experience that you can rely on throughout the design process. We build your wheel and ship it with the new "Bucktooth 007" teeth to your door. It is ready to install and go to work. Our designing is at no extra cost to you. 

  All we need from you is:
Stumper wheel diameter.
Center hub diameter, bolt circle diameter and bolt hole size. Of course the stumper wheel thickness will be determined. 
  After installation we continue to give tech support.   
Our Services
Take advantage of our years of retrofitting stumpers with advanced design and good old fashioned toughness.
 Below: New 36.00"  Retro-fitted T175 stumper new wheel loaded with 64  Bucktooth Junior teeth, and ready to work. Notice the hardface welding and Crossover teeth to prolong wheel life!

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​Advanced computer design will optimize your stump grinding.
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"Stump Grinding-Redefined"
Above: "BUCKTOOTH 007" installed on this huge excavator shows how no mission is too tough!

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Left:                    Retro-fitted T275
With 48" Dia. Wheel
72 Large Teeth.