Bucktooth Grinding Co. LLC is your best source for professional, quality driven, stump grinding teeth, and wheels. Why? Because we have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience.
That means we are able to provide the most value and innovation per your dollar spent. We provide all the technology to design an effective cutting pattern for your wheel diameter and horse power.

  Yes, we take the time to personally design your wheel. At no cost to you! It's time to get real results for your money, and we don't have hidden costs. We stand behind our product! 

  It is with great pride that we take this opportunity to show you a rock-solid, tried and true, stump cutting system that truly has all the bases covered. Please contact us to answer any questions.
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Introducing Bucktooth 007

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We can virtually retrofit any stump grinding system you have with our tough and proven Cleat Tooth design!
Our floorshow display model with painted tungsten carbide tips and impact pads, to show contrast.
 Left-Bucktooth 007 Grinding System mounted on a track machine. 
Bucktooth 007
mounted on an excavator grinding system. 
Excavator boom not shown.
Bucktooth  Wheel with Counterbored Holes,  Receive  Bosses on Teeth 
Giving Bolt Support! 

Above: Bucktooth 007 teeth were featured at an International Show .
At right close-up shot of wheel on same machine.