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    Please see the pictures and right-away notice that the cleats of the cutter protrude into the side of the cutting disc. This will significantly lessen the cutter’s fasteners from exposure to the demanding force generated during stump grinding, as the cleats share the load along with the fasteners. This means that the fasteners are not likely to be subjected to bending, or shearing off completely, making changing the cutters painless, and the fasteners usually reusable for next new tooth to be installed in its place.

    On higher horse powered units that is essential to get the bolts out easier, but because of limited bolt fatigue it significantly eradicates the likelihood that a bolt break and the tooth flying off

    Impact pads between cutter and wheel absorb shock and help with over-tightening issues, and forging surface to wheel forgiveness. Each cutter will come with one impact pad, as this is an essential part of the cutting system. Each cutter change requires a new pad, which is shipped along in the same box as the cutters, thereby keeping simplicity. And the price per tooth always includes an impact pad automatically. 
  Welcome to BUCKTOOTH STUMP GRINDING SYSTEMS! Our U.S. and international patents cover an unsurpassed stump grinding system of cleat style teeth, impact pads, and counterbored cutting wheel as one entity. This system is most cost effective, and so will have a very substantial positive impact on your bottom line. Why? DESIGN! These teeth don't just bolt to the side of the stumper wheel, they actually have built-in cleats made from one piece of tough forged alloy steel, fitted into a counterbored alloy steel wheel.
Also, thick tungsten carbide cutting tips for durability.  
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